Lee Wilkerson

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sayton6 years ago
Thanx for the subscribe!
Metaloki6 years ago
If this is the Lee Wilkerson that lives/lived in the Bluegrass state (in a small town)
Then I'd like to say Hello & Happy New Year old friend......
I happened across your name and wanted to say Howdy.

And I can verify............Lee is a Computer geek for sure & one O' the best.

And darned good at chess too!

Lee Wilkerson (author)  Metaloki6 years ago
Hi Doug,
Yep, it must be me.
Which Doug is this? Could it be the one who's last name is Smith?

Sure is.
It's nice seeing you here.
This site is pretty awesome, I could comb through it all day long.

Well, Hope all is good with you Lee.

Lee Wilkerson (author)  Metaloki6 years ago
Hi Doug,
All is good except I don't have a job and my feet stink. LOL
Right about the website; I've been surfing here for about a year.

You can also find me on facebook. My avatar there is an oblique angle of my face. I was gone for awhile, but I'm baaaaaack!

Incidentally, I haven't played chess in a very long time. Mostly I play solitaire or Marine Sharpshooter or drive race cars (Need for Speed 5 & 6).

Hope all of yours are well also.