Lego man

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monsterlego5 years ago
KnexFreek6 years ago
 How do you get to make a guide?

vaati7 years ago
How do you come across kamikaze watermelons...? I'm fairly confident that I've never seen one.... XD
jakee1178 years ago
kamakazie watermelon! ziggiebuggiedoog!!!
Lego man (author)  jakee1178 years ago
SHHH!!! Don't say the ziggie word!!! Oh well... ziggiebuggiedoog!!! BOOM!!!!!
bring out the automatic damsel maker!!!
Lego man (author)  jakee1178 years ago
ok what else... its superblah!
Lego man (author)  jakee1178 years ago
Meteor I command you to stop! Crash! Big explosion!! Happy End!! Happy End!?!? What the hell is Happy End?!?!
Wasagi8 years ago
Yay! Go kamikazie Watermelon. I'll be talkin with my friend, then, all of a sudden, one of us yell Kamakazie Watermellon!!!
chalky8 years ago
well thankyou very much and greetings to you too:)

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