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seriously, why do you hate knex so much?
you are probably confusing it with lego.
and also, you say everywhere that knex sucks.
some of us, (practically all of us)
actually like knex. and im not sure if everyone feels the same,
but when i see a hate comment on knex saying for all knexers to
go f**k ourselves, i am deeply offended. please, take out your hate somewhere else...
vanpaun8 years ago
and mine is pointless and useless? Hmmm let me pick up a stick and hit you!!! wait, even better, spraypaint it silver!!!!! Mine is for LARP, or as a spare when you lose you regular sword. And +, i dont actually try to hurt the people, jeeze
Lemon_Asakura (author)  vanpaun8 years ago
Yes, yours is pointless.
ok, i'm confused, on the comment below you say it is not pointless and now you say it is.
It doesn't have a sharp point! Get it?
Lemon_Asakura (author)  vanpaun8 years ago
I'm not saying it's pointless and useless, all i'm saying is it will be better if you make it a little bigger, but still in the size of a knife, and can still be pocketed. take out a small kitchen knife, and make it as big as that. there we go! a nice, boffer knife. and sorry if my comments seem offensive to you. P.S: I clearly state that yours are not for hurting people, it's for boff ( boffer fight ) which dosen't hurt at all ( It's a good sport ! )

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