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Jan. 3, 2011
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  • Chrome Polishing, Mythbusters Style

    Well, I own 6 motorcycles. Every one of them was an anchor when I got it. I restore old motorcycles for fun. Get three empty gallon plastic milk jugs. Go to Tractor Supply. Get yourself a gallon of "Milk Stone Remover." osts about 5 bucks. Dump it into a wide plastic bin, with three gallons of water. place your rusty item into the diluted acid. If you leave it in the solution for 6-8 hours, the rust is gone. Your part is clean, derusted, and rust resistant. I swear, you can take your fingertip, and wipe off the oxidation. When you're done, put it back in the jugs for next time. I have acid that is 10 years old. Still works. After several uses, it forms crystals which you can skim off and throw away. One thing, Do not use Muratic Acid. It also works well, but you will instantly flash rust. There is a good chemical reason for this, but I won't get into it. Incidentally, the chemical in the Diet Coke is an EXTREMELY diluted phosphoric acid. That's why you have to scrub. Aluminum foil WILL lightly scratch light chrome. Period.

    Brasso is for soft, unitary metals, like Silver, Brass, copper, etc. Not chromed metal.

    There has been, for years, products that would take a rusty surface and convert the rust. The common chemical is phosphoric acid. It is also what makes this coke trick work, too, because it has a little phosphoric acid in it...makes it tangy. It is just so diluted that it has limited action in converting rust. The product, "Milk Stone Remover" is actually pure phosphoric acid. It's called that because it is used to clean the calcification in milk processing equipment. It is also dandy for rust.

    You can also use electrolysis, which doesn't cost a dime, requires no scrubbing, and delivers a beautiful result. It does flash rust, however. And make sure that you have the polarity correct, or you will remove the chrome!Maybe I should do an Instructable.

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  • Leona3000 commented on IMakestufflikeaboss's instructable Homemade Vape pen1 month ago
    Homemade Vape pen

    If you don't like the instructable, move along. The inventor posted cautions, and indicated that the coil is the issue. Unless you have something constructive to add, STFU. Many of us are looking for what others have done to get ideas. You start making this safe, you stifle the development. Post the cautions, explain the weaknesses. Tell them to wear safety glasses.

    Better yet, here's some info on coils. http://olympiavaporworks.com/coil-building/

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