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  • Light_Lab commented on m1k3y's instructable How to block/kill RFID chips3 months ago
    How to block/kill RFID chips

    The chip for pets just responds with a unique number that can't be changed; most vets have a scanner and can give you the number. Take the number to your city council and they will reference the number to your address. Also, go to vets and other places in your area that a cat might be handed into and see if they have a registry that will record your cat's code vs your address.

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  • Make Glass Mirrors With Silver Nitrate, Sugar,  Ammonia and Sodium Hydroxide

    I have just seen this and I can't just let it pass without a few notes of caution: Silver Nitrate is corrosive and can destroy skin tissue. It is easy to make Silver Nitride by accident as described unless it is done with exact control of the chemistry and concentrations. Silver Nitride is a very sensitive explosive: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silver_nitrideI was temporarily blind for 2 hours from a Silver Nitride explosion when experimenting with silvering mirrors when I was a kid. Silver Nitride also forms a mirror so it is hard to tell if you have Ag or Ag3N.

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  • Converting a Lumix DMC FZ-7 Camera to Infrared

    Nice shots. I have converted a couple of cameras to IR, I tend to think the older digital cameras work best for conversion; my best is a Nikon 995.I noticed you just removed the hot filter, I usually substitute a broad range filter to keep the focal length the same. Have you had any problems focusing your modified FZ-7?

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