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Hello, Tory! I'm not able to access my e-mail right now, because it finds it weird that I'm in Vegas, but I am here. I am now on vacation and the adventures are about to begin. I think we might go and see The Winter Soldier today, so that sounds good. I shall talk to you late; Kyle is kicking me out. ^_^

The silly email. :P Ooo, that sounds like fun. I got to babysit again last night. Tonight too, for that matter. It should be the last time though, as their father is bring Miki and the youngest of her siblings home tomorrow, so I will no longer be needed.

Yes, it is being uberultra silly. Babysitting still seems like a daunting prospect to me, but you've got it down with your Dragon powers. Finally, the babysitting train comes to a stop. That must be a relief. We haven't done anything eventful yet except go out to get some needed things. It wouldn't surprise me if I am whisked away in a second, so if I stop replying, I am off to do great things. /o_o/

Your bracelet instructables are really cool. Grow strong in the way of making instructables, and together we shall rule the site! :3

I have found it. I have found the:

EmO pOp

I dont know how I got here, but I found it.

Eh, it really isnt that bad. I have earned the respect of these two. I have only had 7 years to do so. ;-;

I shall keep that in mind, I seem to have caught you pretty quickly. :P I am working on some other crocheted goodies to post soon. I am going to modify my hermit crab and pokedex patterns too and get them up here. I have an endless stream of things to put up, or at least four.

Ooh, it sounds like you're busy. Good luck uploading all of those. I have a K'nex Easter Egg in the works, but that won't be up for a while. Remember, Tezra-Tez: Quality > Quantity. You'll have no problem with that, though: even I could follow your instructables, and if they're me proof, then they should work for everyone. :p

Oh dear. Emo pop? It exists? :o

I wish you luck in those musical adventures. I just discovered this genre called post-classical, and it's pretty much classical music arrangements with synthesizers, and it's truly a beautiful thing.

I know, two of those are already made and completed, I just need to reformat them. The other one is going to be an Espion and I have been working on that for a couple of weeks. And I only have the idea for the last one; I even have started it. :P Soon for me equates to a few hours to a couple of weeks, just for clarification.

Yes, emo pop is a thing. I listened to a few songs and kinda just shook my head. Death, distruction, and decay all packaged up in a mix of semi-peppy instrumentals. The vocals wouldnt have been have bad if it wasnt, you know, emo pop.

Oooo post-classical. I listened to a little bit of that before. It is awesome.

Good luck with those projects. Your definition of 'soon' has been duly noted. :p

Sorry for the long pause. We all went out to go mini-golfing. It's hot out there, and it drains the strength out of you. Dinner is soon, so, frustratingly. there's going to be more pauses in conversation. Sorries.

Yes, emo pop is the saddest genre in all of music. Post-classical is pretty amazing. There's this one artist Jacaszek, and he makes wonderful post-classical music. It's very relaxing. They're going to make me eat any second now; I feel it in me bones. Talk you soon. <3

I do think my pause quite beat out yours. :P But the babysitting is done, and I doubt my assistance will be needed again for quite a while.

I have appeared to have dropped catnip on my floor while I was working on that cat toy, judging by Bella's behavior at least. She has been in here a lot lately; some of blankets are apparently very attractive for de kitten.

A very interesting book about mummies has fallen into me hands, at least temporarily. I must say, it is fascinating.

Mini-golfing in the heat, my what fun. I can imagine it would be exhausting.