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Jan. 10, 2016
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  • Lukale commented on Chris Ball's instructable Quick Arduino MIDI Laser Harp9 months ago
    Quick Arduino MIDI Laser Harp

    Hi Chris, I followed you instructable until the end, my computer recognizes Arduino as a MIDI device, but when it comes to use a MIDI software it does not work. It may be a problem with the board because when I broke a beam, the light in arduino does not blink.I uploaded the sketch changing the arduino code to true and, even I checked if the wiring is good and if arduino recognised if a beam was broken with the script you'd given in a past comment; and it worked correctly (in the serial window some numbers between 0 and 5 started to run, so I thought it was ok.) void setup() {Serial.begin(9600);}void loop() {Serial.println(analogRead(A0));delay(100);}Then I followed all the instructions, DFU mode and flip. Finally I tried to use MIDI-OX, FL Studio, and MuLab to make the harp sound, but it does not receive any signal.I might have done some mistake during the procces but I can't really figure it out.Here is also a picture of my project if you want to see it.

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