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bumpus6 years ago
Right click > Save link as > Download.
Yo, just as an update I did get one of the switches I ordered as a sample from NKK Switches. However I am still waiting on the the other two model numbers. Now I just need to figure out how to make a driver board for them.
Hey, I ordered samples of the three oled screen switches. I havent gotten them yet, but I had them shipped out through the USPS parcel post which I hear takes about five to fourteen days at the most. I placed the sample order on Saturday night. I got a confirmation email right away on the sample request and a few days later a representative sent me an email reccomending companies in Ohio that i would be able to find help in making a development kit for the switches. I hope I get the switches though, I had this cool idea to use them on my new bass guitar construction project. NKK seems like a cool company though. The questions that I filled out on the sample order form made me feel like the company had an interest in the "small guy" too and not just bigger companies. Well I will let you know when I get the switches.

Dan Sorcek
Cleveland, Ohio