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June 30, 2009
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  • Converting a Lumix DMC FZ-7 Camera to Infrared

    Several years ago Iconverted a Canon S5 to infrared in the same manner you have donehere. However, what I didn't know at the time was that by removingthe hot filter, the remaining space of a couple millimeters of airwas enough to completely throw off the focus, including manual focus.I ended up having to take it apart all over again (multiple times infact) and experiment with various pieces of clear glass to fill theair space. I tried a variety of thin perfect glass, such asmicroscope slides, without much success. Ultimately I bought areplacement flat sapphire watch crystal of the exact same thicknessas the hot filter, and cut it into a rough rectangle to replace thehot filter. This improved the focus tremendously, yet it is still notperfectly sharp. This could be either be because the clear filteractually needs to be a slightly different thickness than the hotfilter for equivalent focus, or it might just be that infrared isusually a tiny bit fuzzy anyway.Some of theresulting photos are here on my website:http://www.goldstarphotos.com/f436827293 Note that some of these were shot with the IR converted Canon S5,while others were shot with a Fujifilm S9600 (with an intact hotfilter) using very long exposures. Some shots are converted to blackand white, others are regular IR, and others are inverted IR. I usedat least three different IR filters for various results depending onthe situation and the effect I was trying to achieve.

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