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The Rambler3 years ago
Hey man, thanks for following! I love your "about". That's the whole point right there. I love that we're all here to show each other that.
MakeItWithJason (author)  The Rambler3 years ago
This should be fun -- luckily, Instructables doesn't have nearly as many haters or obnoxious know-it-alls as youtube.
Agreed. And I love that about the community here. Though you've already had a run in with one of the main obnoxious know-it-alls I've seen here.
MakeItWithJason (author)  The Rambler3 years ago
If it's who I think you're talking about--I called him out as politely as I could--and haven't heard anything since.

are you talking about pfred2 ?

your awesome and we have the same ideas. I'm going to start putting up instructions for stuff my dad and I make and the double edged sword instruction I made (we haven't made it yet so no pictures means no post(we've almost finished a single edged and halberd)

BTW I'm 12 almost 13(September)

Haha, yes it is and yes you did. I guess if that's the worst I have to complain about here than we have it pretty good.