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TheDoze4 years ago

Just wanted to pass on that I made myself one of these inexpensive table tops for sewing and quilting. I absolutely love it, and the materials needed were inexpensive. One thing that I would like to mention, is at one end of the table I added a self adhesive measuring tape. These can be purchased at most hardware e-stores. leevalley.com sells some, which can either be read from the left or the right.

Thank you for you wealth of information on quilting, I certainly appreciate it.

MargueritaM (author)  TheDoze4 years ago
Hey that's a GREAT idea - thanks so much!!!
MargueritaM (author) 7 years ago
Hi, Thanks for watching my videos and thank you Instructables for such a great site!
MargueritM may I have the link to your webspot for more info on the quilting table (and more). I am wanting to build one like that but work from the side (sort of like John Flynn's.

David in St Louis

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