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JON-A-TRON4 months ago

Thanks for the patch!

Passion Make7 months ago

Thank you for the patch :)

I have to do some of your work someday

Thank you for the patch! I really appreciate it dude! :D

plugable1 year ago

Thanks a lot for the patch! Keep up the good work!

SnazzyBot1 year ago

Thank you for the patch! :)

azharz1 year ago
Thank you for the patch and looking at my instructables
luvit4 years ago
'ello dare to you, marshie! ya see, i entere;d a contest an in hopes of that i winned. -- who winned?

you wrote:
The rules are simple. 
1.You must have posted at least 1 instructable. 
2.You can't be a pro already! 
How to win:

Post an inspiring comment below that tells a tale of either A) How to live or more healthy lifestyle, or B) How to make the world a better place.

The winner will be chosen in 7 days (that's Tuesday July 27, 2010) by a panel of judges who shall remain nameless..because we know you'll try to bribe them..