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Toga_Dan1 year ago

hi, mary, did u get that soap cuttin wire to work? i was just lookin at a 2 yr old conversation on the forums. i think u and i continued convo in private msg re colorado. did we? anyway, im in lakewood. im not sure howto look at old private msgs.

MaryT8M (author)  Toga_Dan5 months ago
WOW it has been a long time......I gave up on making my own wire soap cutter, after my husband made one that wasn't quite what I wanted.....I invested in one that cuts the whole loaf of soap at once in very nice uniform pieces. I still need one to nicely cut soap from a 'slab' mold (think sort of like a sheet cake pan).....there are dividers being sold but they all have their 'issues'
Dr. P2 years ago
Thanks for following me! You do nice work!
Hi MaryT8M, thank you for following me :D