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Where did you go to school to be a Mechanical Engineer, because I want to be one when I grow up.
MechEngineerMike (author)  M4industries6 years ago
SIUE Edwardsville, i am still in school right now. This is probably one of the best schools for this subject for the value i pay to go here. I am also considering going to grad school ( school after 4 years of college) at the University of Missouri at Rolla, which is a REALLY good school for engineering. You are in a wonderful position as it is now! If you know what you want to be now, you can start taking elective classes in high school related to this subject. I took Math and Physics seriously and it was also very helpful to enroll in machining, welding, mechanical drafting, residential wiring, and automotive repair. If you do this, you will be ahead of the Pack when you get to college. Also, engineers are in high demand in the job market, so the recession wont hurt you too bad! hope i was helpful, any more questions feel free to ask! mike
I already weld, but I am going to double up in science so I can take AP Physics and AP Calc. Thank you so much for all the advice. As a 7th grader, I want to go to MIT, Duke Eng., or Cal Poly. Look for my name in the class of 2018!