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Jan. 18, 2016
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  • Mikeyb223 commented on jtvreeland's instructable Dirty Tank? Let's Clean It Up!9 months ago
    Dirty Tank? Let's Clean It Up!

    Hey bud, the white spots on your fish is more than likely ick, a very common disease fish can get. And what i would recommend is putting the remaining fish you have in a small holding tank for a few days while you clean and disinfevt the tank you currently have. A great way to clean it without chemicals is with 20 mule team borax. Its in the laundry aisle at the supermarket, and its a naturally occuring mineral (its actually a crystal that is ground up, which has amazing properties of healing, disinfecting, and cleaning. So once your tank is clean you might wanna think about replacing the sand or gravel as well but if you can't or don't want to you're gonna wanna tell your tank with distilled water. Tap water nowadays, and even purified water, and in some cases (walmart) even the distilled water has flouride in it, which is poisonus to every living organsim on earth. I'll guarantee thats what your problem is. You can make a home distiller for about 20 bucks and turn water from your hose into pure H2O! I would suggest investing in that cuz buying distilled water by the gallon can get quite expensive depending on your tank size. And just remember that outting in fresh water in a clean tank means that there will be no bacteria in the water that the fish need to servive, so ask your local pet store for a gallon or so of their tank water cuz youre you're starting up a new tank. And something i tried that worked better than anything i could have ever imagined to get rid of ick without chemicals, was just a tabelspoon of colloidal silver, a ruby that cost $2.00 from a gemstone store, and a clear quartz crystal. My Moms friend suggested it i told her she was crazy, she took offense came over to my house amd put it in herself, and within 20 minutes the ick was gone. Which up until then i couldnt get rid of it for the life of me. (Shoulder shrug) Idk how or why but it worked.

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