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rfuller13 years ago
MMMmmmm yummy. Great ible! I celtic sea salt brine with whole juniper berries and organic turbinado first, then cold smoke with sappy sugar maple(hard to find but worth it.) As Ms Betsy said this is not a race not in time, but careful consideration on quality and flavor. The more care put into the product results in taste buds exploding in ecstasy. Cook with care and spread the flavor! :)
onrust3 years ago
Have you shopped for copper and brass @ your local scrap yard? Most yards will have a "buy-back" price that is very nice! Keep up the killer work
dzellmer5 years ago
Awesome tips, I'm starting my first steampunk with a keyboard using nuts and aluminum pipe. This is a fun project.
nickodemus6 years ago
Well, it seems that the Instructables robot hasn't been doing his job, I don't see a welcome message here.  So, welcome to Instructables, I think you're gonna like it here. And nice work on all the 'ibles, I haven't seen someone post so many so quickly. Can't wait to see what the monitor will look like, I'll be checking back in on it.