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IronManMC5 years ago

Welcome to Instructables.

Being 1. male, 2. ex-linebacker, and 3. 63 (but I lie about my age), I'll probably pass on the makeup stuff. I'm enjoying your writeup on music fests. I'm a music producer and A&R manager for a major jazz label, studio musician/vocalist, etc. I attend many concerts and fests each year. I find these "survival lists" valuable as well as amusing. High on my list is good hearing protectors. Part of this is obvious - I want to keep the hearing I haven't already trashed. The other, not so obvious, is that I hear better when the volume isn't ear splitting loud. I'm looking for songs for my artists, ideas for future sessions, and occasionally new artists. All require my ear to be at its best.

Take care.

-IronMan Mike Curtis
Missmaxcady (author)  IronManMC5 years ago
Oh that is very interesting! I am currently learning to play the guitar at the minute and it takes rather a lot of time and patience but I will get there in the end. Music festivals are always good fun, I am trying to go to this years Glastonbury festival as Coldplay are headlinging and they are my favourite band! I love them. Though that will require some saving! haha

All the best
Kiteman6 years ago

Welcome to the site (even it is only to keep an eye on killerjackalope...)

If you need anything, and he's too busy sleeping under a bridge or something, just ask.

Missmaxcady (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Hello Kiteman . Thankyou for your welcome. Im excited to get started on the site but the first few may be a little rough around the edges...