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KrstnDiane8 years ago
(on solar power systems...) I really appreciate this post. My husband and I are in the process of buying a motorhome and while it has electrical set up in it, it doesn't have batteries or any other power source without pluging in to a hookup. I want to outfit the unit so we can camp off the grid... The wiring of the batteries and inverter is something I have been looking for online for months, but I'm not sure that we are going to go with a solar panel. We plan on buying a generator (mostly because there's an air conditioner in the unit). Would hooking up a generator be the same as a solar unit? Do you know enough about it to have any advice? Also, if you have your generator running, is it possible to charge the batteries and run the system off the generator at the same time? Just some questions...
alxram8 years ago
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