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I have been an electrician, an OTR truck driver, a bank teller, and a customer service rep at a major insurance company as well as a combat medic for the U.S. Army. So needless to say my best friends are duct tape and 550 cord and crazy glue usually crashes the party too.


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  • Hacking SNES Pads to Make Arcade Style Controllers for Retropie

    The way we are going to hack it is by soldering a wire to the side of the circuit on each button that isn't ground/common this means that if you used a SNES pad you will have 8 wires? That part? If that's what you are asking about it simply means that there are two contact points pert button, so you would need to attach a wire to each button, and that wire needs to be attached to the contact that is not ground. If your question was why I put it that way it's because with the controller unplugged it's far easier to test for the ground (aka common) than it is to search for the other.

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