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armenvegas.6 months ago

hi nice project. have you upgraded since your last post 3 years ago? do you have any videos?

thank you

N.fletch (author)  armenvegas.6 months ago
Hey armenvegas,

Thanks for asking; I haven't posted any new projects because I've been working on a fairly large project. The project is bluetooth N64 controllers that I've been creating from scratch. This is a prototype video from 9 months ago, however I am quite a bit farther today and preparing to make an update video:


I have been currently documenting this project in Instructables so when the controllers are done, it'll be posted.

Also I've been working a bit on my YouTube channel:

AN.t3 years ago
Hi N.fletch,
I got the GUIClient file loaded but get an error. It might be that I loaded the libraries in the wrong place or it might be that I'm trying to run the program without the network and Arduino set up. I include a screen shot showing where I placed the libraries and the error from Processing
I picked the 'add images' option and there is one on your profile page now, I do not know if it will be added to this message. Let me know if you did not receive it.
GUIClient Screenshot.jpg
N.fletch (author)  AN.t3 years ago
I'm currently attempting to reproduce your issue; your libraries appear to be in the correct path.
I'll make another comment when I think of a solution, in the mean time, try playing around with the code.
Good luck!
N.fletch (author)  N.fletch3 years ago
Hello again,
The problem is with Processing. You have the Beta version 2.0, I am using 1.5.1.

The method I used to detect the key presses has since become archaic, and now a new method is used. This link shows the new method:

So instead of checkKey(KeyEvent.VK_SPACE) , you will use key == ' '

It is also important you have the latest ControlP5 library; which you probably have. After doing all these things, I was able to get the GUI to run. I attached the latest .zip to the page. Inside the .zip, there is a GUIClient2.0+ file which is what you will use.

Thanks for notifying me of this issue. Others would have had the same problem!
AN.t3 years ago
Hi N.fletch,
Thanks, I found the .zip file. This part of your instructable on the site is not the same as the pdf version from which I am working. Maybe you can check and add the .zip file to the pdf version.
Will keep you posted as to how I progress
N.fletch (author)  AN.t3 years ago
Hello AN.t,

Thanks for the input, that would explain why it would be confusing obtaining the code. I'll work on adding an external link to download the .zip.

Best of luck!