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Hello Nick, I have a solar array which i would to connect to a high dc input inverter. Please email me if you have time and il send you more info.


hi sir i am form Gujarat Ahmadabad

my requirement form 40v to 240v how cost indian currency? please reply my mobile- 9879920111

muffrin8 months ago

Hello Nich good day my friend i dont know about other but i really like this inverter circuit an going to build it but i just want to had ,can i used this inverter to supply 120vac instead of 240vac my country is 120vac .i am a electronics hobbysis ok i build so much things already ok thank again

graated1 year ago
sir i tried all my effort still, the problem is that i build the circuit with irfp250 it work but when i switch on the circuit out put is 203v but if there is load like 220v fan it jump up to 220 to 221v (24dc car battery)T2 is 220v 2000ma (12v) sir please whats do you sagest? kindly help me im looking forward to hear from you sir thanx you,

sir it very difficult to get optocoupler so can you tell anything else or should i use led and transistor combination? thank you looking forward to hear from you
graated1 year ago
graated says: May 12, 2013. 12:30 PMReply
Hi how is things going on?i hope by the grace of almighty god you and your family are doing well thank you.nickk i want you to do me a favor why becos in my country they don't import a big transformer so i don't know if you can help me,i want you to give me the number of turns in secondary and primary cos i know a little of rewinding or i can take to the rewinders ,and i don't mind to send you a money by westen union money transfer to buy me one all depend on you if you can do that.i tried some of the network some days ago but disappoint me thank you
graated1 year ago
hi nickk im very happy that i finally found you cos i head a lot about you im very admire your inverter circuit,i bulled 100w i used fet irfp260 its work but not propally so can you help?
Nick_Zouein (author)  graated1 year ago
Hi graated,
Thank You for the nice comments.
Why it's not working properly, please describe the problem.
S.Gary2 years ago
Hello Nickk, special greetings, thank you for sharing your project. I am thinking of building this myself but I still have a problem, do you have a diagram where as T1 & T2 are the same transformer and also the circuit board diagram, thanks again and I am waiting for your reply.
Nick_Zouein (author)  S.Gary2 years ago
Hi S.Gary,
Actually everything you need is already available online. When ordering your transformer you have to ask for an additional 12v 0.5A output on the secondary side of T2 to use it instead of T1. But I suggest that you go by my design and put T1 as a seperate 0.5 a 1$ small transformer. this is my opinion.
S.Gary2 years ago
Hello Nickk for the 250 to 5000 watts PWM DC/AC 220V Power Inverter can T1 and T2 be just one transformer
Nick_Zouein (author)  S.Gary2 years ago
Could be yes. it should work.

tplim2 years ago
Hello Nickk, thanks for sharing this 250 to 5000 watts inverter. Decided to build one. You can scores me one love.
Nick_Zouein (author)  tplim2 years ago
:) cool
:) your em125 is it good to use? I'm in a shoestring budget. to build this inverter. Hopefully, u will reply. Thanks in advanced.