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  • Cure for a Keurig Vue that won't pump water.

    To stop this from happening again and again, there is a possible solution. Load the K-cups and close the lid. Without activating machine, reopen the lid.Remove K-cup and inspect the bottom.Check if bottom has small puncture or none at all.Poke small hole where it failed to originally puncture orSlightly enlarge the too small hole.That will make the water flow through the the Kcup more freely.The main reason the tubes get clogged isBecause the water pressure has nowhere to go andReverts back into the tubes along with the coffee grounds.Occasionally, dispense a cup of hot water (without the kcup) to remove small grounds.My Keurig was getting clogged every day until I discovered this solution.It has worked for me and might work for you.

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