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hey nitin i am working on a similar project, but for some reason the robot keeps moving forward and sometimes rotates in circles. please replay, my email id is syedafif67@gmail.com

I am using a atmega16 mc

kamnaahuja2 years ago

Hey nitin... Could you please mail me the pdf and the source code of this DTMF project... i need it urgently... it would be of great help.... my id is kamnaahuja17@gmail.com.... please do it asap!!!

hi Nitin ..can u plz tell me about cost of this project...
kwandhare4 years ago
Add ic programming video
ricchandan6 years ago
hi i wana do this project as my final year project bt i dont know hw to do this as such plz help me............. chandan805@gmail.com
jai_jayam7 years ago
hi nithin ..me too doin ur project .. it is too good.. but i need to know some program details
surajit7 years ago
hi can you please tell me how to code the microcontroller and which language one should use.

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