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May 23, 2009
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  • Wireless Electricity Transmission (Simple things required to be collected from scrap)

    Tesla was responsible for our AC grid. I would suggest you review what I said carefully. What you find I said was a logical subjunction not an exclusion. Tesla's fascination with resonance is what led to his development of the AC grid, inductive power, and radiology. As for his fortune, tesla never really had a fortune. He had a contract that said he was entitled to a fortune, but he ripped it up. That generous act was what allowed his business partner to win the economic war with edison. Tesla was supported in perpetuum by his sponsor.As for the second paragraph, your statement is demonstrably inaccurate.Just remember, you made me take out the math...Faraday's law of induction states that the gradient cross product (aka Curl) of the electric field is the negative time rate of change of the magnetic field (Grad X E = -delB/delT){http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electri...Ampere's law states that the curl of the magnetic field is proportional to the sum of the free current and electric gradient over the product of the magnetic and electric permeability.(Grad X B = J/(m*s^2)-1/(m*s)*delE/delT){http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electri...}Taking the Curl of Faraday's Law gives:Grad X (Grad X E) = -del(Grad X B)/delTYou can now substitute Ampere's Law into the second part to get:Grad X (Grad X E) = -1/(m*s)*del^2(E)/delT^2Since the product of m*s is c^2 (which is the speed of light squared) we can quickly see that this is the 3 dimensional wave propagation equation for light.(summed up nicely here:http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electri...You'll please notice the delE and delB are required for any oscillating system (including radio and inductive systems) since a static electric field or magnetic field gives zero values. This conclusively requires any oscillating electrical system to generate photon energy, and induce currents in any interacting charges. The frequency of the photon is determined by the frequency of the field. For most electronics, sub visible spectrum frequencies are the only ones realistically achievable.I hope that this has conclusively demonstrated to you that magnetic induction and radio induction are in fact two cases of the same thing.If not, then I will refer you to Hyperphysics for further reading, and I hope that your troubled mind eventually finds peace.

    I would think it would be a very lopsided sine wave. A sharp peak on one side followed by a slightly less peaked reverse relaxation and charge up. I would suspect a large amount of damping due to the transistor. Wiring a Zener diode in parallel with the transistor would probably decrease the amount of damping.

    You had the Ghost Light visit? All my lights were red.

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  • Wireless Electricity Transmission (Simple things required to be collected from scrap)

    Actually induction and RF are the same thing. They are both closed forms of the maxwellian equations. One can actually excite an induction coil with RF and vice versa. Most of the time you cannot make the one without the other due to imperfections in tuning and materials. I am very familiar with tesla's and Marconi's work. Tesla was not strictly interested in AC or wireless, he was interested in electrical oscillations, and in particular resonant structures in electrical oscillations. I know all about his wireless lamps, and how the RF spectrum interacts with chemistry. Even with imperfect absorption there is still some interaction (chronic exposure). There is also huge efficiency losses which is why we use a wired grid. If you look at tesla's setup you'll notice that his lamps were powered by induction and that induction was achieved by tuned RF. Also I did not mix induction and radio propagation. Induction dipole transmission efficiency drops with 1/r^3 and photonics drop with the surface of an expanding sphere namely 1/r^2. If you look at the math you'll find that 1/r^2 is the limit of the dipole as the distance becomes large relative to the size of the dipole. If the dipole does not oscillate, then the 1/r^3 holds because there is no radio energy being created and the limit goes to zero.

    You are right on all accounts. I was merely pointing out the similarities. Being able to change the capacitance or the inductance is what allows the resonance frequency to be tuned to that of the incoming radio signal. This design allows neither. Also the switching potential required by the transistor is at least an order of magnitude more than your normal zener diode.

    Absence of proof is not proof of absence... just saying.

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  • Wireless Electricity Transmission (Simple things required to be collected from scrap)

    The transistor functions as the capacitor and diode in this circuit. When the current flows the wrong way it builds up a parasitic charge that can momentarily power the coil. For more info look up joule thief and armstrong oscillator. THose are both similar types of circuits.

    wireless electricity is simply radio energy... and it is not new. In fact it is very old. Tesla IS responsible for our AC grid, but there is a reason why we're not powering devices with radio energy. (i.e. I assume you like to idea of not being slow roasted in your sleep by the radar antenna in your living room).

    It is a half wave armstrong oscillator. Dielectrics are going to damp your magnetic field and thus increase your current consumption. This device does technically generate radio energy, but very little. Dielectrics would shift the phase in the coil and make it emit more radio energy. It would also shift the resonant frequency of the coil by changing the coil inductance. Any half wave coil emits a pulse as the field collapses.Magnetic field intensity goes down with 1/r^3 but the radio pulse goes down with 1/r^2.Radio thus works better for long range transmission, but half of the energy put into it is wasted by driving the antenna at a non-resonant frequency.

    I am not going to be a grammar nazi, but... you are a horrible troll.

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  • Compliant Prosthetic Hand with Sensorimotor Control and Sensory Feedback for Upper Limb Amputees

    Wow, this is extremely similar to my active project. I'm working on a similar design right down to the teensy. Mind if I pick your brain sometime?

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