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I think that a piece of thick wall conduit would work as well if not better than the fence post. However, I haven't looked into the price comparisons. Also an idea that I just thought of and would have to put some more thought into precise execution would be to add a top attachment that reaches down to the grill and adds hanging supports from the top to reduce stress on the grill. Just a thought, haven't put to much thought into execution of said idea.
Jallenvov8 years ago
Great Job on this one! Instead of a fence post I used PVC pipe, which is quite a bit cheaper. Also I had a hard time finding the whiskey barrel liner but I don't suggest trying to use anything else. I eventually found one at Menards. A tip for anyone trying to make it portable and not mount it in the ground. I used a small spool that they use for chains at hardware stores and put the PVC pipe in that. It was a bit loose so I used one of the 1/2 couplers to stick in the top of the spool and shove the pipe in that. Very surprisingly sturdy! Thanks! Great basket!
Where did you buy those 3 1/4" hinged locking rings, Nobody seems to know what I'm looking for. Please let me know, I'm working on my own basket. I found the flanges at Grainger, now I just need to find some rings. Thanks Dave
Orange Guy (author)  davidsldennis8 years ago
Do you have any office supply stores in your area? Try asking for binder rings, metal book rings or loose leaf rings. I just googled myself silly and all I could find was 3-inch rings. Maybe something like that will work? Good luck!
I'll try Office Depot, I'd been looking at all the hardware stores around here and couldn't find any 3 1/4" Hinged locking rings. I never thought about an office supply store. Thanks Orange Guy, I'll let you know who my basket turns out. Dave

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