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BFissonB1 year ago

any advice on the type of wood for that jellybean dispenser? Thx for the great idea. I am just so eager to create it!

OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  BFissonB1 year ago

A hardwood would be best, but any type is great! (Scrap wood is a wonderful resource for this project)

Ah!ah! We don't have maple tree in France. Continue posting things: i completlly copied cat you with this jellybean dispenser to the greatest delight of my son and for the artificially old paper for my redtape letters...to the greatest puzzlement of the administration.
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  BFissonB1 year ago

I used maple for my nicest one

grizz13 years ago
Greetings Outdoorgirl; I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how important your Awesomest Jelly Bean Dispenser is to me. A friend of mine e-mailed me your dispenser just after I was found with a bad lung infection. For the next 8 months It was oxygen and no sawdust. I looked at your dispenser many times and it kept me motivated to get back to the shop. I just got back into the shop and your dispenser was the first thing I built. I made some changes which is common with a good design like yours, let me know what you think. In short I just wanted to let you know how important you and your dispenser was to me while I was recovering. Thanks again. Grizz
OutdoorGirl16196 (author)  grizz13 years ago
wow! thats really good! i'm so sorry about your lung infection, and im glad that it is better! Thanks for sharing that with me!
I like your T-shirt in your profile picture!!!
thank you!
great projects!
I hope to see more of them soon
thanks! there will be more!