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PallaviS74 months ago

could septic tank be built with earthbag technology? please give necessary instructions,i'd be very happy...

menardasd1 year ago

Thank you for your instructables. I want to get out of the rat race of working to pay for THE house with an earthbag round house. I live near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We get snow, freezing rain, temperature varies from -30 to +30 Celcius. The ground feezes up to 4' deep. Is an earthbag round house feasible? Providing the plumbing and the electrical work is up to code, do you know if the Ontario Building Code would allow for earthbag round house? Thanks :-)

Owen Geiger (author)  menardasd6 months ago
You'll want to build a highly insulated structure in Canada. Strawbale building might be a better option for you.
Owen Geiger (author)  menardasd10 months ago

It's far easier and less expensive to bypass all the codes and build in rural areas. Trying to build to code skyrockets the price about 10-fold, thus wiping out the savings.

Add thick insulation on the outside of the earthbag walls or build with straw bales for high R-value.

ronsanai1 year ago

Hi Owen, I'm looking to built a couple of the earthbag round houses for a family in need in Hua Hin Thailand. I'm wondering, what was your experience in getting this project approved for construction in Thailand? Thank you. - Ron

Owen Geiger (author)  ronsanai1 year ago

There are no codes in most parts of Thailand except in the cities.

artworker5 years ago
Sir! You are totally rocking. The Green Man from the planet Earth!
You remind me of "laurie baker".
Owen Geiger (author)  artworker5 years ago
Thanks. He's one of my heroes.