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BluesBayou3 years ago
Is there a site you can recomend for the chickens and quail that doesn't rely on video? I would love to watch yours, but te videos are restricted (US Gov web site access due to deployment....
Pavlovafowl (author)  BluesBayou3 years ago
Hi BluesBayou,
Actually I have a blog about poultry. I have a few posts on it already about quail and some of my chicken breeds and also about setting up a first aid kit for organic poultry but I am about to start adding more to it. Generally at the moment the blogs expand on the topics covered in the films. The link for it is http://holistic-hen.blogspot.fr/ which is probably not live here but if you have any problem accessing it, there is a direct link to it from my youtube site: Pavlovafowl. However, you should just get to it if you copy and paste the link. All the very best from France and don't hesitate to ask if you have a specific question or need help with anything, Pavlovafowl aka Sue