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JokerDAS17 days ago

Hey there, PitStoP! THanks for following me! I hope you enjoy more of my instructables!

PitStoP (author)  JokerDAS16 days ago
Hey Joker you're welcome.. You can follow me also if you like. Have a great summer!

Thank you for following.

PitStoP (author)  Quadrifoglio1 month ago
You're welcome! You can follow me also if you like. I have some ibles coming soon. Have a great day..
wobbler1 month ago

Thanks for following me. You zip tie hint is genius, simple and effective!

PitStoP (author)  wobbler1 month ago
cichfrk1 month ago

Thanks for the Follow PitStoP ! I followed you back.

PitStoP (author)  cichfrk1 month ago
You're welcome! and thanks for following also.
Yonatan241 month ago

Thanks For Following!

Was there any specific project that made you click that orange button? :)

PitStoP (author)  Yonatan241 month ago
You're welcome. I saw you have a bunch of ibles I like so I thought I follow since we both have a few things in common like using leds or just coming up with something crazy. I have a few projects will be sharing soon so if you want to follow it will be great. It's helps when people get involve in your projects it's more motivating. Have a great day!
Lovetra1 month ago

Thank You for following me! I haven't posted much but learn so much here and it is fun.

I will look forward to seeing your projects

PitStoP (author)  Lovetra1 month ago
Thanks I have a few outdoor projects coming soon. Have a great summer! =)

Thanks for following!

PitStoP (author)  Quadrifoglio1 month ago
You're welcome!
Follow me I will be adding some new projects by next week. Have a great day..
Patxi Alai1 month ago

Thank you for following me!