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tjesse3 years ago
I'm going to start following you and hope that you start posting more Instructables. This site has changed quite a bit sense your last post and I think that the quality of your instructables will receive more attention now. I am a subscriber to your magazine, and would love to see more.
Lego man8 years ago
Could you add the LED candle from a popsci magazine about a year or two ago. PLEASE!!!! and thank you.
Glad to see you join. I have loved the How 2.0 section since it's birth and have always thought it would mesh well with instructables. I hope to see a lot more projects in either medum, magazine or instructable
hey i also love the how 2.0 i subscribe to their magazine for that section only lol anyway my uncles program, Spacetime was recently selected as program of the month! you should check it out its really cool.
phoenix1249 years ago
Hey, welcome to Instructables from me as well! i read the juice pouch article in in ur magazine and i love having an instructable about it to read. GREAT IDEA! you'll be able to find a lot of eger modders here that would be more than willing to offer their projects or project ideas for you to use (lol me included) in Popular Science keep up the good work!
ewilhelm9 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project, and welcome to Instructables!

Let me know if you have any questions.

You've probably already found your way around, but in case you haven't see these, here's a guided tour of Instructables and an Instructable for making Instructables.