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  • PrabhuR3 commented on sadie172's instructable Cool Moisturizing Soap Recipe 2 years ago
    Cool Moisturizing Soap Recipe

    Rubbish post. Soap is a sodium / potassium salt of fatty acid.You are using liquid detergent dish wash soap and mix it with Hydrogen peroxide and baking powder and use it on body?Not sure if anyone tried this.. Surely I dont want to try this BS on me.

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  • PrabhuR3 commented on PatrickSymus's instructable How To Make Soap2 years ago
    How To Make Soap

    Hi PartickNot sure what you made is really a soap. As per your instructions, you just melt glycerin and refreeze it.How did glycerin after adding color and freezing change to soap?What surfactant was added?When was it added?Too many confusions.

    To add.. glycerin is in liquid form and freezes at 17°C (62.6°F).What you did was purchase a melt and pour soap base, melted it and added color, fragrance and let it solidify.Glycerin can never be converted to soap but can be used as an additive to soap.

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