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I have been working on a template/game for movement. I have made a GUI and many other things in it. also I am having a problem with on of my GUI's idk why but It will not open the vbs file that I wish for it to open. I made a path but I still will not work!?.

I hope that you see the msg. please reply.

I will be posting the code for the movement game soon as I am on my other pc.

if you wish to contact me:

my Skype: miles3600

COLINHILO1 year ago
Pelvic thrusting cats, classy nice work btw
Prof. Pickle (author)  COLINHILO1 year ago
Why thank you.
New thing pickle can you make a batch file that keeps on pressing F5 repeatedly?
Message me
Hello, Im HiPoweredHacker, Remember me?
Prof. Pickle (author)  HiPoweredHacker1 year ago
Yes, I do.
Check your private messages.
bajablue2 years ago
Love the patch... QQQQQQQQQQ, Professor! ;-)
Prof. Pickle (author)  bajablue2 years ago
You deserved it [I:~{|}

^^ Just experimenting with some faces