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DONT PUT THAT ON, please, and the water thingee worked very fine. DONT PUT THAT INSTRUCTABLE ON.
Prop (author)  chickenliver1239 years ago
Dont put what on?
Hey Prop, can you do me a favor? Please post this instructable up, the web site wont let me log in but it lets me login for the comments. Please Post what is below here: Ty prop. This will be our credit if you post it.

Pop it Egg grenade(title) Information, No pictures needed.

NOt my responsibilty

TOOLS: A chopstick, an egg,2 boxes of Pop-its

Step 1: hollow out egg by poking hole on top of the egg with chop sticks, then pour all egg out.

Step2: Wash the egg inside it.
step3: Load snap its until cant load or the pop its cant get out anymore. THrow it hard on a hard surface and its a BIG BANG, way bigger then one obviously...

Have fun

From chickenliver123 and Prop
they are usually orange, with a small tip at the end to stick up the water balloon hole and fill it up. Those things
Prop (author)  chickenliver1239 years ago
that should work
Can i also use a water balloon hose filler from the hose to fill it? i cant get it on the sink
Prop (author)  chickenliver1239 years ago
I dont really get that guestion but sure try it.
This will be probably my last question to ask, i just thought of it, cant we just us a paper clip for the saftey pin?
Prop (author)  chickenliver1239 years ago
when you finnish the grenades tell me how they work for you
Prop (author)  chickenliver1239 years ago
sure...that should work
I hope im not keeping you busy. I need help on 1 of the steps. One is cut the tip of the tube and put it over the thing, where do i put it on? Thanks for the help
Prop (author)  chickenliver1239 years ago
Put it 1cm or 3/8" from the open end. I get automatic email notifications when someone posts and I dont mind helping because it means people are using my grenades
Now my dad ordered a surgical tubing from. : www.4fishin.com Anyway else to fill up the grenade? My parents say to use water, can i just lap it over the sink head and fill it?
Prop (author)  chickenliver1239 years ago
Wter is a good fill when you dont want to waste paint (the video was done with water). If you can get the tubing to stretch far enough to fit over the sink head than sure it could work but I dont think youll be able to stretch it that far.
Parents say no from buying stuff of ebay, any stores? Not online.