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  • RayB77 commented on paleotool's instructable Building a Gypsy Wagon1 year ago
    Building a Gypsy Wagon

    This is fantastic! I wish I had the time and knowledge.. But what I do have is a fully enclosed all wood utility trailer and the plywood roof which is leaking just about no matter what I do (in seattle). I used multiple layers of elastomeric coating, but still leaks. So we plan to put sheet metal on the top...My question is, what exactly did you do to the front to prevent water intrusion with the gaps under the corrugated metal? I see some sort of black material... Bending corrugated sheet metal perpendicular obviously isn't happening, so I was planning to find some flat rolled sheet metal, and roll it over the front edge, but uncertain the best way to fasten it down. thanks if you have any time for advice. Ray

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