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May 2, 2014
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  • Computer fan conversion to outlet-powered fan

    highly unsafe.. you haven't checked for power ratings on the fan or figured out wiring diagrams or anything.. you cant just power anything with any power supply, you are more likely using a supply not intended for a "power" load like a fan with moving parts that needs a high amperage compared to say your cell phone that only needs a fraction to simply charge .. I suggest you put a warning in the beginning of your instructables to let people know you are not an electronic engineer and attempt at your own discretion .. just to cover your own butt

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  • Computer fan conversion to outlet-powered fan

    I don't agree. In the soup analogy the part that was left out was more like use of the stove. Sure stoves can be dangerous too if you don't know how to use them, but an instuctable on soup should say "use low heat for multiple hours, stir occasionally." This may seem obvious to people familiar with soup, but that's why we're looking up an instructable on soup. To me this instructable is: Step 1: chop up ingredients. Step 2: put ingredients along with liquid in a pot. Step 3: cook. Step 4: enjoy your soup! Yes that is how soup is made, but that is not how you learn to make soup.

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