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tere7111 year ago

Your page looks like it has lots of fun, useful easy things to do. Thank you!

nabangan4 years ago
I like your method in fixing heaphones or earplugs but I don't quite understand what if my heaphone is kinda like a 2 way a microphone and heaphone please help i ll be glad to buy a book of yours (if you have) a book of tutorials
RichsMethods (author)  nabangan4 years ago
I have a third video on Youtube about this. Here it is (copy and paste the link):


Or if that doesn't work go to my YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/RichsMethods

And click "#3 How to Fix or Repair Headphones with Microphone / Bass Boost (iPhone)"

In this video I explain what plug you'll need to purchase, and where you can it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

The Soldering gun (correct spelling?) is it the same if i use a lighter?
RichsMethods (author)  nabangan4 years ago
No you'd probably want to use a Soldering Gun. It would be difficult to use a lighter to melt the Metal to the connectors.
Because i have seen a lighter melt a rope so i thinked of an idea but thanks for the tip ohand i like your balsa wood airplane it really works

my age is 11 im in the philippines,cebu my name is Neil RIchard Abangan
nabangan4 years ago
Its beacause i like to play some musics with full sounds