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You sir are a great addition to this sight.
nickodemus6 years ago
Well, I see that the Instructables robot hasn't been doing his job, normally he greets all the new-comers to Instructables. But, since he hasn't done that, welcome to Instructables. I think you're gonna like it here. I see that you've already made some great additions to the website, keep it up!
Rune Cutter (author)  nickodemus6 years ago
Thanks for the wlecome nickodemus, I'm enjoying the creative outlet
Veve Tech6 years ago
Being a minor, I feel that you have done a good job by putting safety warnings for minors on your instructables, recognizing that there ARE children and the sort who use this website. It is also nice to see that there is someone other than me who utilises viking runes and has an intrest in their culture other than me.
Rune Cutter (author)  Veve Tech6 years ago
Thank you VT, I probably didn't stress safety enough, lots of sharp dangerous things in my crafts.

I have a deep passionate love for history, I discovered long ago that you couldn't learn it all so I've focused on Scandinavia, I started with the 11th Century and have widened a bit to the 4th BCE to 11th CE