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    Tin Cloth Hunting Pants

    I found that turning the pants inside out and running 2 cycles in the local Laundromat with a pair of old boots melted the wax very evenly and the pounding from the boots kept the fabric from getting really stiff as it dried.

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  • Cheap and Easy Vintage Style Weatherproofed Gear

    I did this to a pair of Duluth FireHose pants. Better than the heat gun, torch or hair dryer is a cloths dryer, preferably not yours and a industrial one at the Laundromat. Turn it inside out and add 2 shoes to beat it. Run for 2 cycles at max heat.This will melt and disperse the wax evenly, as well as soften the cotton wax combo preventing it from being wax armor and speeding up the process.The results are very nice. They are brown, so they look very much like distressed leather from anything more than a close inspection. Compliments the Olive green Barbour motorcycle jacket.The weatherproof and rain proof qualities are pretty amazing, and it does breathe a little, like 19th century Goretex.At freeway speeds in the rain, I got a little wet around some of the more complex seams. Not bad at all. At 105+ they are still windproof, something even the GoreTex has problems with. Very important in 30 degree weather.It has taken about 9 to 10 ounces to do the pants, the heavy canvas is very absorbant. The first 2 coats just sucked right in with no apparent change. I am going to do it again when the weather changes and I don't need them for summer.

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