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Sadi789 (author) 2 years ago

For those who are interested, I've got a few scabbards that I need to photograph, and when I do that I'll update The Experiment and Max.

On another note, I promised someone that I'd make Caledscratch a while ago, which seems like an awesome project to do next. I'm excited but... well, making that sword is a little daunting, to say the least. Should I make the blade silver or white or some combination? How should I convert the drawing into a more comprehensible design? (heeeeelp)

Sadi789 (author) 2 years ago
I'll post the updates to The Experiment and the nameless sword soon! Really. I will.

Just wanted to mention that I've finally made an Instructable documenting the making of my weapons.
Sadi789 (author) 2 years ago
I just wanted to let people know that I'm taking a bit of a hiatus from posting I'bles. I'll still be on here answering comments and messages and all that fun stuff, though. When I get back to it I'll finally be posting a sword Instructable (with instructions).
Sadi789 (author)  Sadi7892 years ago
RrrRrrrmph. Play time's over (literally). Time to get to work... expect this thing to go up sometime soon!
Sadi789 (author)  Sadi7892 years ago
Okay, I guess I'm not really taking a hiatus. A more accurate description would be that I'm taking a procrastination on working hard on my whole sword-making-collection-guide thing.
Sadi789 (author)  Sadi7892 years ago
UPDATED DETAILS: I've made two new swords that I'll post on here when I come back, and one of them will be a part of a big collection of I'bles detailing all of the different methods I use to make bladed weapons. There have also been major updates to The Experiment, which I can't wait to show you guys! It's definitely my favorite sword now.
I look forward to that. I'll probably use it to make my own sword someday (be afraid, be very afraid...)
Sadi789 (author) 2 years ago
Guys, after making my Homestuck pendant thing I'm kind of looking for more jewelry related crafts. Any ideas? If it's within my capabilities, I'll make what you suggest! Bonus points for Homestuck related ideas :P
Hey since you seemed to be Interested I thought I'd tell you I might be making 2 LARP rapiers soon from foam and pvc or carbon fibre (core rod)
Sadi789 (author)  jaffawarrior13 years ago
That's great!
I'm glad to hear you're trying this out. I have a little more information on core rods now. I ordered some rods of both carbon fiber (3mm and square) and fiberglass (4mm and round) to experiment with. The fiberglass is both heavier and bendier. I looked it up and there's reason to believe it might be better, but in practice I'm not so sure. The carbon fiber, on the other hand, is extremely lightweight, and less bendy which I personally like. I made my one carbon fiber rod into a sword just the other day, actually, but as I said elsewhere I broke the pommel and cut my finger so it's not quite done yet.
Good luck on your rapiers!
Thanks, good luck I always like the things you make. I might start with 1/2" pvc for a core is that a good idea?
Sadi789 (author)  jaffawarrior13 years ago
1/2" pvc will make for a thicker weapon (though that depends a lot on how much padding you put on it). If you haven't done this before, though, it might be worth trying it with an easier to come by material, such as pvc (if you need sources for materials online, ask me though). I don't use pvc much, but that's just my preference.
I want to use like 5mm pvc or carbon fibre but don't want to have to order online and wait for delivery. Oh I'm putting on a foam cup hilt I hope it works XD
Sadi789 (author) 3 years ago
Happy 4th of July! Right now I am making a sword.
Sadi789 (author)  Sadi7893 years ago
UPDATE: I made a sword, and then I proceeded to shatter the pommel and cut my finger bad enough that I had to get it glued shut. Now I'm considering different pommel alternatives. Sorry for the delay.