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pj200?9 months ago

hey, where did you get that hoodie from.

Saiyam (author)  pj200?9 months ago

I was recently awarded it for being an active author. Actually they were featuring their new robot design on the 10th anniversary of instructables :)

pj200? Saiyam9 months ago

yes, I also got that mail related to the prize pack survey but I missed it coz of my boards

Saiyam (author)  pj200?9 months ago

No no, the prize pack survey is a different thing. This was awarded in late december just for being an active author.

Well, same here. I am also having my boards!

pj200? Saiyam8 months ago

oh ok, btw 10th or 12th

Yonatan241 year ago

Just a short question:

How do you get the background in your projects cover photos so white? Do you have some king of special lighting? Or do you use editing?

Saiyam (author)  Yonatan249 months ago

A combination of both. All credit goes to this instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Pure-White-Background-Photography-Using-Smartphone/

Yonatan24 Saiyam9 months ago

Thanks, I'll try it (I've seen this 'ible before, But I forgot about it...)

Saiyam (author)  Saiyam9 months ago

Sorry for being super late :P

Just saw my orangeboard after a long time!

Thanks for following !!

Hi, thank you for your comment. It motivates me to make the next instructable.

Saiyam (author)  Philippos Trelos1 year ago

Waiting for your next instructable :)

antoniraj1 year ago

hi Saiyam, thanks for following...

Saiyam (author)  antoniraj1 year ago

Thanks to you too, sir.

iwannafly1 year ago

Excellent project :) you can add a wireless IP cam to live feed video with WiFi to make the bot even more awesome :) feeling proud to see an Indian kid building bots :)