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drac52902 years ago

Hi man,
My name is Ben, I am currently studying at Pitzer (on exchange from Australia) and taking most of my classes at Mudd. Given Mudd's fascination with all things wheeled I am determined to build my own while I am here. While planning I stumbled upon your DIY scooter instructable, nice job with that btw! Its good to know there is a fellow instructabler here.
when I get something working I'll post something and *fingers crossed* use it everyday

P.S. do you think i could get access to the Mudd machine shop being a Pitzer student?

Sam DeRose (author)  drac52902 years ago

Hey! Definitely good to know there are at least some of us here on the 5C's! Nicole Grimwood is from Scripps and is another Instructabler (username: nikoala3) shes got some awesome stuff.

I know that off campus students can get access if they are in classes that require it, but I'm sure they'd be open to having you come in to do personal projects too. Do you know where it is? Best bet would be to stop by and ask (they are open all the time basically). If they dont know, go down the hall and talk to Paul Stovall.

TREX ZoaR0K3 years ago
Sam you have something perfect for the Halloween decorations contest i heard about that fire breathing dragon you made a while back you should maybe post something about that i also heard about that potato Gatling gun you made very cool! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHUyKrJeNv0&list=TLzHXRaUW3Fh0ayIG3imxb0u-RWVY3S_Gx
Sam DeRose (author)  TREX ZoaR0K3 years ago
Hey thanks! Yeah those were some fun projects... We dont actually own the dragon any more :( There was a local family who wanted to take it and improve upon it for last year's Maker Faire, so we gave it to them. They did an awesome job! It looks so much better now.

Also, I saw that you're an aspiring engineer too. Just wanted to say you're on the right track! Keep up the great work!
nnygamer3 years ago
Please stop flooding the site with guides/collections. It's hard enough going though whats new without a dozen collections posted in between each original idea.
Sam DeRose (author)  nnygamer3 years ago
I'm really sorry, I dont like it anymore than you do. I'm an intern at Instructables and its literally my job to make all these collections. However, I'm glad to say that we are nearing the end of our collection spree. Just another day or two and I swear you'll never see another collection from me again!
fozzy133 years ago
Thanks for following me!! : )