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  • SamuelG72 commented on andrea biffi's instructable wooden kneeling chair1 year ago
    wooden kneeling chair

    These are supposed to be instructions or plans, but this doesn't really elaborate on the actual build. "find plans, follow them, don't bother with the rest of this instructable." Three steps. Much simpler way to do what the author stretched to 14 steps somehow. What a waste.

    Nvm I'm sorry. It does reference the important info. The measurements and plans are listed in some of the pictures. Really should be step one or two though, not an image that doesn't even show up in the instructions unless you seek it out. Next time you post shop plans include a "parts/tools needed" list and a "cut" list right at the beginning. No one is getting a box of prefab parts, so that's an important step to do before you start assembly...

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