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  • ScottW93 commented on wirenut1980's instructable Arduino Light Display With Vixen10 months ago
    Arduino Light Display With Vixen

    Awesome job !!! I stumbled across this while researching ssr's for light control. This will be my first year animating lights to music. Actually got a pro mini to run a couple strands of pixels, but bought a commercial controller for the pixels due to the fact I'd need so many of the arduinos to run the whole show it just wouldnt be worth it. I still plan on using a few for the further elements from the main controller though. I also wanted to incorporate some 120v stuff that I will try to run with the arduinos. This gives me a great place to start. Mainly using the pro minis because I got 20 of them for about $1.10 each, but we will see where it goes by the time Christmas rolls around again. Just ordered some ssr boards, will see what happens.

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