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Jeff20069 days ago

Question: I remember your giant Lego darth Vader how would I go about making a giant Lego samukai (Ninjago skeleton)

Ethan102319 days ago

Question: Where is the place that you (or someone else) is standing in front of the waterfall (in the second picture at the top of your overview page?

seamster (author)  Ethan102319 days ago

That's Calf Creek Falls, which is in southern Utah.

Thanks. It looks beautiful!

thankyou seamster for your first comment

i was waiting for comments


seamster (author)  creativemanblog1 month ago

Hey, you bet!

The old rusty look you got on that car was excellent. I was very much impressed! :)

thanks sam (seamster)

dragon80-23 months ago

Tysm for the comment you posted on my snow globe instructable

nikcompany3 months ago

Thank you so much for the comment on my first Instructable, im really happy right now ;) ;) :D :)

yashs144 months ago
Thanks for your good comment on my first instructbles

Thank you for your lovely comment on my very first Instructable - it was lovely to see that someone had looked at it so quickly after I published. :)

seamster (author)  MinnieMouse84364 months ago

Yet betcha! Glad you're here, and I hope you're enjoying the site and creative community! :)

Thank you for your good comment of my first project here :)

Hi Sam! Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to this awesome community of creators.

LiveCrafts10 months ago

Hey Sam! I don't mean any offense, I'm just curious: How is your latest 'ible categorize in the feet competition? Just wondering? It is really cool.