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July 16, 2009
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  • SenordrummeR2 commented on Robin Lewis's instructable How to Make a Concrete Countertop5 months ago
    How to Make a Concrete Countertop

    Great Instructable! Thanks for sharing. I've worked in the concrete industry for 10 years and I've made a couple of these countertops on the side. A couple of tips:1) Cement mixtures contain lime, which is what will dry out your skin. If exposed to too much, you will get concrete burns. Make sure you wear gloves when working with the concrete.2) While concrete is porous, not all sealers will absorb into the concrete. Make sure you use a food grade sealer on your countertop if you plan to use it in a kitchen or food prep area to prevent any transference of chemicals from the sealer to your food and utensils.3) If you are concerned about attaching the countertop to a structure, cast some anchors (2x2's, stripping, whatever) into the countertop.4) Polishing the countertop will expose the aggregate (rocks in the mix). Use different grit polishing pads to go deeper and create the look you want. Some people will cast colorful rocks or glass into the bottom of the mold to create more colorful finished surfaces.5) If you want to color your concrete, do a test batch first. A little color goes a long way, but you'll want to mix the concrete fully to create a consistent color in the finished product.Lastly, Quikrete is a brand of cement mixes sold in the US, but you can use any brand of mix for countertops (assuming you purchase the correct mix design).

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