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    Ammo Box Speakers

    Awesome Instructable and great project to make!I decided to use a 30 cal box to make it a bit more portable, recess the speakers so there was less chance of damage and use some different parts that I had lying around. Other parts were:Sure Electronics JAB2 2x30W amp sourced directly from Sure (with cable package)Dayton Audio DS135-8 wooferDayton Audio ND20FB-4 tweeterRoadkill brand sound deadener to line the box12mm MDF panel for mounting speakersUrethane adhesive for attaching the MDF pannel and sealing around it20mm dia PVC pipe and elbow for port3.5kHz 2nd order crossover. I had to custom build this to accomodate the impedance mismatch of the speakers - off the shelf ebay ones don't specify what impedance values they are for, so won't work correctly with drivers of the opposite impedanceStainless steel mesh3 x18650 protected lithium battery cells NOT off from ebay (there are plenty of bogus ones there - these are not to be messed with)3 cell 18650 battery holder, sourced from ebay15V laptop power supplyBattery charge control module sourced from ebayDacron acoustic stuffingPower switch and 2.5mm DC power socketThe sound is awesome, especially for something so small. Battery life was about 20 hours at a reasonably low volume. I plan to make a 6 cell battery pack for it in the future.

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