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wilsonDIY2 years ago

i am also Indian and IT engineering student good to see that we Indians are also creative like others..... :)

Siddharth Jain (author)  wilsonDIY2 years ago

Well, thanks a ton for following! :D
Cheers! (The engineer's way! ;) )

Tater Zoid2 years ago

Thank you for subscribing.

lindarose922 years ago

Thank you for following me! :)

Siddharth Jain (author)  lindarose922 years ago

Cheers! :D
All of your instructables are awesome! Especially the cube cardboard lamp! love it!

Aw thank you! Your instructables are really great too! I have just posted a new cardboard lamp :)

Thanks for following me!!!

Siddharth Jain (author)  Naren_Murali2 years ago

Cheers! :D
Your balancing Robot's pretty nice! :)

thanks man!!

Darthorso2 years ago

Hey, thanks for following me! :)

Thank you for following me :)

Siddharth Jain (author)  Passion Make2 years ago

Well, thanks a lot for subbin' to me as well! :D
It's really great to see people from India here, that too electrical engineers! :)

Yes. Instructables is a wonderful site. :) You have good electrical projects!
chaitanyak2 years ago

thanks for the follow, have a fabulous day!

crishrx3 years ago
Hi... Thank you Following me... :-)