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Wasup! Nerfers rock!
SGT. Desert4 years ago
Can you tell me how to make a guide
SnakesOfDeath (author)  SGT. Desert4 years ago
First go to the create tab near the instructables robot,
then go down to "other ways to share" and click guides.

Type the title of you guide, what you want in the intro.
Then attach your cover photo, that is what people will see when they are looking for guides and they see yours.
Then click "Save"

Next open an instructable that you want to add to you guide, go down the page until you see the bottom of the right column and you see something that says "Add to guide", click the drop down box click on your guide then click "add".

Repeat the last step to add as many instructables as you want.

And you done!
Tank you very muck . look at the guides i made =D