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I'm in the works on making a wolf head for myself and I was looking at your tutorial. One thing that I'm a tad confused about is the jaw system. There was like one page about it that involved temporary elastic. What do you do after? It went straight to more furring and adding ears! Do you put a spring in the place of the elastic or? Also, how does furring work with the moving jaw?
You should say what type of camera's you used, I could just get any, but nothing is better then following directions to the letter. Looks like something I might do for Halloween, except maybe a full suit. I'm not really sure yet, but it was fun reading how you made it!
Hey, this is an awesome suit. could you put up a leg tutorial for large animals like the legs on your site. The samuri lion loes look cool man. Thanx.
mictain6668 years ago
do you have any videos on the wolf head or how to make the legs that you made in the video "leg test"
Are you still in business! I have emailed you a couple of times with no reply? I need a custom job done.
Solion (author)  cobaltxxxfusion8 years ago
Yes , just incredibly busy , what an i do for you ? Lionel
Just check your email when you have the opportunity and it will explain all.
Nice animatronic lion head :)

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