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immrose1 month ago

We all love this

elianasweet2 months ago

Hi, i just love your work

samerfifa4 months ago

hi SpecificLove

i want to be frinds

msnygg4 months ago

I spent all morning watching your PVC videos. Love them! You have amazing ideas and provide wonderful inspiration. I am a weaver, and when using my warping board I sometimes want to hold up to 4 different yarns on cones. I have used a disc with a perpendicular dowel, but it's weight well. I was thinking that your project for holding tapes and ribbons might be a good place to start. Do you have any suggestion?

SpecificLove (author)  msnygg4 months ago
I think the ribbon holder might work, just make it a little wider. Or maybe use some corner connectors to create a one sided cube, if that makes sense. Have the bottom squzred off with 4 pipes going up. It also might need something on the base to keep it from sliding. I hope that helps.
Yonatan248 months ago

Congrats on 500 followers! I'm the 500th

It showed 499 before I followed, And 501 after, Do I count as two people? :)

maybe someone clicked it about the same time as u and it refreshed after you clicked it but yeah maybe (ive seen like seven exact same comments within the same minute once)

SpecificLove (author)  Yonatan248 months ago
Thank you for joining in on the fun
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Thank you very much